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The tea is produced using no insecticides, no flavouring preservatives or additives, sustainable fuel sources and a lot of fresh air.


Kakuzi Limited constructed an avocado Packhouse which was completed in May 2006. Extensions were carried out in 2007 for the Carton erecting area, receiving bay and an external laundry and compressor room.

Macadamia Orchards

The plan has commenced to establish extensive Macadamia orchards over 6 years from 2007. Macadamia are to be planted in areas that were previously planted to coffee.


Kakuzi Ltd has a stud herd of about 80-100 breeding cows and maintains a herd of about 70-75 bulls. Most of our mature bulls are registered with the Kenya Stud Book and we have a policy of buying 4-5 new bulls annually.


There are1,150 Ha of mainly eucalyptus, Grandis, Saligna and Caldulenses plantings. Of which 695 Ha are good commercial plantations and about 455 Ha are non-commercial plantations. Planting started in 1992 and gained momentum by 1995/96 when much larger areas of forestry were planted.