Our Mission 

Our mission is to consistently produce quality products, responsibly, sustainably and ethically

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader - your preffered producer and supplier of quality agricultural products

Our Core Values

  • To act honestly, fairly and with integrity and respect in all business dealings
  • To respect the dignity and well-being of all those people who work for us
  • To support environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation
  • To respect and contribute to the communities that are affected by our businesses
  • To Ethically Produce safe and quality products consistently

Kakuzi Policies and Procedures

Kakuzi Board Charter 

Code of Conduct and Ethics                                                                    Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Recruitment Policy                                                                                 Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Whistleblowing Policy                                                                            Occupational Safety and Health Policy      

Procurement Policy                                                                                Fair Treatment and Good Working Conditions  

Disciplinary Code                                                                                    Kakuzi Plc ESG Report 2019

Food Safety Policy