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The company has 4,407 head of cattle for beef production which is sold into Nairobi markets. The plan is to maintain a herd size of between 4300 to 5000, dependent on the availability of trade stock and store cattle of between 1,200 to 1,300 breeding cows will be maintained.

Cattle are ranched across the farm over an area covering 2511 Hectares divided into bomas and also over a further 5294 Hectares of unfenced ranch lands.


We run two small ranch dairies supplying our staff and labour with milk and excess is sold locally.

Recently we have developed our own slaughterhouse and deliver cold dressed carcasses to top quality butchers in Nairobi.

Kakuzi has a stud herd of 180-220 breeding cows and 90-100 bulls. Most of our mature bulls are registered with the Kenya Stud Book and we have a policy of buying 4-5 new bulls annually.

We are an active member of The Boran Society of Kenya.

Quality Livestock Products and Services

  • Cattle breeding services which includes Boran and Boran Simmental crosses for dual purpose
  • Beef and Dairy Cattle
  • We slaughter and deliver safe, quality Halaal beef to Nairobi
  • Offals and Hides
  • Cattle Manure
  • Quality Hay

Contact Us for Livestock Products

The phone contacts: +254 202184127 / +254 202184137 / +254 733 730978 / +254 713 761791 /
+254 736 614126