16 OCT 2020

Kakuzi Plc Press Statement

Kakuzi Plc wishes to reaffirm that it does not condone any criminal activities or behaviour by any of its employees. We do not support any form of violence, human rights abuse and disrespect to human dignity.

We strongly condemn all forms of brutality and sincerely respect the sanctity of life.

The reported allegations are so serious in nature that we are also truly shocked.  If any matter of assault or sexual violence is reported to us, our first priority is to support that person through our own trained personnel or using professional third-party counsellors.  We have a number of methods a person can report any matter in a safe and confidential manner. 

Our WhatsApp hotline is available on 254 745 718 864 or 254 726 610 846.  Our Sexual Harassment Awareness, Reporting and Prevention (SHARP) Program is highly publicized in the company and in the wider community.  We encourage any person to use this service.  We treat all complaints with respect, confidentiality and the urgency they deserve. 

Whilst we welcome the Police investigation into these matters this is only the beginning.  We are also willing to listen and engage with any complainants directly or through their appointed representatives.

We will participate fully and honestly to ensure justice is served to all parties.

We encourage all stakeholders to act respectfully and lawfully towards one another, and to emphasize that any reprisal against claimants/employees/community members is unacceptable.

We open our doors to the community members to report matters directly or the relevant government authorities without fear of retaliation.

If you wish to report any matter affecting individuals or the community in relation to Kakuzi please contact: confidential@kakuzi.co.ke or Text/WhatsApp +254 745 718 864 or +254 726 610 846.

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