Commercial Forestry

Planting started in 1992 and gained momentum in 1995. Today we have 1244 Ha of Commercial Forest.

1244 Ha
Commercial Plantations

Forestry Management Plan

Management of our plantation forests enables us to maintain a sustainable supply of posts, poles, fuel wood and other timber products which is then sold. Our plantation forests are also monitored against a forestry management plan to ensure replanting of felled areas is done.

Our Wood-Processing Yard

Timber is milled, pallets manufactured, "ecofriendly" charcoal produced and firewood sold. Treated poles of many sizes are available for sale.

The Treatment Process


An industrial treatment cylinder and an initial vacuum is created


The cylinder is flooded under the vacuum with wood preservative


Hydraulic pressure is applied forcing the preservative into the timber cells


A final vacuum extracts excess preservative solution


Low pressure draws in surface preservative solution

Quality Products

We sell a number of high quality timber products from our Timber Yard. For full details of all products available please view our timber brochure.

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  • Treated Poles
  • Treated Wooden Gate
  • Treated & Untreated Doors & Door frames
  • Heat Treated Pallets
  • Timber
  • Treated Fencing Poles

Our forestry production has the KEBS Diamond Mark of Quality


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Enrichment Programme

Our enrichment programme ensures the sustainable management of our indigenous forests as both a natural habitat and a natural resource. We grow many native seedlings for planting both on our estates and the local community.