12 MAR 2021

Supporting Local Schools And Promoting Quality Education

Over the last year, Kakuzi has been assisting schools to help them meet the required guidelines set by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This has seen 35 schools receive furniture, re-usable face masks, water harvesting tanks, the building of ablution blocks and hand washing tanks. The second phase of this program will involve 31 schools.

We started phase one of the school donations by providing furniture, re-usable face masks, rainwater harvesting tanks and hand washing tanks.


Through the provision of furniture, schools will be able to maintain social distancing guidelines comfortably.

The masks are meant to alleviate the burden of cost from parents, by ensuring that they don’t have to worry about procuring masks for their school-going children.


Hand washing is an important tool in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, as such, there has been a great increase in demand for water in schools.

To help meet the demand, we have given schools 10,000-litre rainwater harvesting tanks to ensure they have continuous access to clean water. Additionally, 35 schools received two handwashing tanks each to help promote handwashing among students.

Phase two of the school project has started and will target 31 schools. The schools are set to receive school furniture, re-usable facemasks, rain water harvesting kits and hand washing tanks.

Total interventions for phase two include;

  • 6,500 reusable facemasks to 14 schools.
  • 360 Classroom desks and 10 office furniture.
  • 24 Hand washing facilities to 12 schools.
  • In the process of installing 2 Rain water harvesting tanks each 10,000lts capacity.
  • 18 latrines to 4 schools.
  • 20 desks to Don Bosco Primary School.

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