Community Relations Policy


Commitment Statement

Kakuzi PLC as part of the community is committed to enhance its community relations by ensuring that it supports, collaborates and coexists with the community, employees and other stakeholders as a responsible corporate citizen.

Focus areas of our community relations program include but are not limited to economic empowerment, good health and wellbeing, quality education, clean water and sanitation, environmental conservation and climate action.

Our community relations program is conducted through partnerships with various stakeholders and relevant community linkages. 

Core Values

We commit further to:

  1. Consult the local communities affected by our businesses and ensure that all communication is responded to and, where appropriate, acted upon
  2. Understand how our businesses can most effectively support the needs of the local community and contribute to local programmes and initiatives
  3. Ensure the social effects of major investments are assessed and monitored at the planning stage and throughout their life cycle.


We engage constructively on a number of different topics with various stakeholders including:

  • Our employees
  • Workers union
  • Local communities and their representatives
  • Smallholder growers
  • Shareholders
  • National Government
  • County Government
  • Civil society
  • Human Rights groups
  • United Nations bodies
  • Others

Neighbours and Surrounding Communities

Kakuzi PLC communicates openly with local communities to identify community concerns and interests related to the farm’s operations. We have developed and implemented a system to receive, respond to, and document complaints, grievances, issues and requests from the communities.

Surrounding communities are encouraged to channel their complaints and views through the Corporate Affairs office, relevant government authorities, whistleblowing channels and community liaison personnel. We encourage other external parties who receive complaints from the community to confidentially share them with the company through the same channels.

Our sexual harassment reporting and prevention program (SHARP) and whistleblowing contacts have been made available to the community through the Community Liaison and our various social media platforms, including Confidential, email, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram as well as the SHARP hotlines.

Corporate Social Investment

To interact with our community relations initiatives visit our social media handles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our Corporate Social Investment page.

Corporate Social Investment

Revision Date: February 2021 || Approved by MD || Revision No. 00/2021