11 APR 2017

Kakuzi Hold their First Macadamia Open Day

Kakuzi Ltd dedicate time and resources towards working together with the community to address the socio-economic challenges and uplift the well being of neighboring communities.

Kakuzi’s partnership strategy with the community is rooted in the understanding of their critical role as a sustainable business, building a sustainable society and providing opportunity for the development of all.


The Macadamia Open Day was held on 7th of April, 2017, set up and run by Kakuzi Ltd, it was the first of its kind. The primary goal was to bring farmers from surrounding communities together to learn from Kakuzi’s wealth of experience and expertise in crop husbandry. Kakuzi extended the invitation to various exhibitors in Agriculture who were also asked to share their knowledge with the community members. The Kakuzi initiative ‘Let’s Grow Macadamia Together’ was the theme of the open day. Kakuzi’s aim is to develop a Macadamia community project, working together to achieve more.


Kakuzi were thrilled with the response to the event, with a total of 169 farmers in attendance.


Various stakeholders including leaders from both national and local governments, and regulatory authorities such as the Agriculture and Food Authority, AFA attended the event. They all recognized the efforts made by Kakuzi Ltd as one of the biggest employers in the region in helping the community in and around Murang’s County.

The deputy County Commissioner indicated that,

“while 80% of Kenyans are small scale farmers, close to 70% of the country is dry and semi-arid, if we have companies like Kakuzi utilizing such land for production, it is welcome for the country’s economic growth, food and social security.” 


The County government represented by the director of agriculture, acknowledged Kakuzi’s efforts not only for Macadamia but also for Avocado, have led to both better yields and income and have forced even the prices by other players to increase for the benefit of the community.

“The “bonus” (second payment) made to Avocado farmers is unique to Kakuzi and is commendable.”

The County reiterated its continued support to Kakuzi and local community in extension services and agricultural matters.

The regulatory authority, AFA commended Kakuzi for initiatives taken to share knowledge and to empower local farmers. Special recognition was given for the technology used by Kakuzi to graft the Macadamia trees.


A total of 496 Macadamia trees have been donated to farmers for the trial phase, a small step in a long-term project. Initially four trial farms have been set up, Kakuzi will monitor these farms providing expertise and guidance throughout the project.

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