10 JUL 2017

Kakuzi's Macadamia Community Project Continues

Kakuzi’s Macadamia Community Project launched in April this year, a total of 169 farmers were included in the second phase of the project after the initial trial. Let’s take a look at progress so far…


Kakuzi initially provided farmers with 496 macadamia trees, since then a wider roll out of the project has taken place. Managers from Kakuzi’s Macadamia Divison have been on hand to provide guidance as 20 seedlings have been planted across 4 additional farms. Each farm has been allocated their own manager and lead farmer in order to be closely monitored, with the purpose of collecting crucial data to guide phase two of the project. All four farms: Ngatho, Mianyani, Sunset and Gaichanjiru were visited by Kakuzi's Macadamia Managers to confirm suitability for growing macadamia. 


Two varieties of Macadamia, Murang’s and Kirinyaga were distributed and planted on 25th May 2017 to each farm. A demonstration was given by the Macadamia Managers to show the best way to plant the seedlings, ensuring the lead farmers and their families have the skills required and ability to plant and manage macadamia trees in the future. 

The Macadamia Managers will visit the community and the lead famers in two months to check progress, offer further guidance and ensure the continued success of the project.


The community continues to be impressed by the progress to date, requesting Kakuzi increase the number of trees to be planted, allowing more of the community to get involved.

So far a huge a success! -  a small step towards Kakuzi’s long-term goals...


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