Operational Grievance Mechanism (SIKIKA)


The Operational Grievance Mechanism (OGM) provides a systematic and transparent process for receiving, investigating, and addressing company-related grievances from affected communities, workers, farmers who supply avocados through Kakuzi’s economic empowerment program, and other relevant stakeholders.

The overall objective of the OGM is to enhance Kakuzi’s existing processes to respect human rights, to provide access to remedy through a transparent process of fact finding and respectful dialogue aimed at mutually agreed outcomes, and to strengthen Kakuzi’s relationships with all its stakeholders.  OGM has been granted a local name is SIKIKA, meaning “to be heard”.

Structure of SIKIKA

The OGM consists of two different processes: Tier 1 is for grievances about operational impacts, e.g. employment, health and safety or other issues that can be handled and resolved internally. Tier 2 is for grievances that concern allegations of severe human rights impacts that have been caused by, contributed to or directly linked with Kakuzi and/or its (sub)contractors. For Tier 2, Kakuzi is in the process of establishing an Independent Human Rights Grievance Mechanism with a special mandate, procedures, supports and safeguards to provide access to remedy for genuine human rights grievances.     

Alignment with Kenyan Law

The design of SIKIKA recognizes the role of the Government of Kenya to provide access to remedy through judicial and non-judicial mechanisms. SIKIKA does not substitute for State-based mechanisms but is complementary to such mechanisms. At any point, complainants are free to present their grievance to any available State-based mechanisms. SIKIKA is aligned to respect the laws of Kenya and seeks to contribute to the wider dialogue about strengthening access to remedy as outlined in the Kenya National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights.

Alignment with International Human Rights Standards

SIKIKA assists Kakuzi in implementing and fulfilling a number of policy commitments and international standards, including ongoing human rights due diligence and the implementation of its Human Rights Policy in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Your Views Matter to Us

Kakuzi wants to ensure that the SIKIKA process is transparent, legitimate and easily accessible to all stakeholders in or near its operations. SIKIKA is  based on engagement and dialogue, which means that Kakuzi is consulting all stakeholder groups in the OGM design and implementation to ensure the OGM is effective in providing access to remedy where needed.

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The Sikika Process