Recruitment Policy



  • There shall be no discrimination in employment. ‘Discrimination’ includes, but is not limited, to gender, HIV status, tribe, race, disability or political affiliation
  • All employees must be holders of valid National Identification (ID) Cards 
  • All employees must be 18 years old and above
  • All employees voluntarily seek employment with Kakuzi.
  • All employees are issued with a written employment contract as per the Kenyan Labour Laws
  • Either party can terminate the employment contract in line with the employment laws, the Kenyan Labour Laws, the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the terms of their contract.
  • Where an applicant is related to a Manager who is a participant in the hiring decision such a manager must declare his/her interest and disqualify himself/herself from the hiring process.
  • All recruitment will be subject to the company receiving the requisite documents in line with the requirements of the position  
  • Kakuzi does not charge any fees whatsoever in exchange for employment. Anyone asked for money during and after the recruitment process should report to
  • Notwithstanding any provision of this policy, Kakuzi undertakes to comply with all Kenyan laws regarding employment.

Revision Date: November 2020 || Approved by MD || Revision No. 00/2020