Occupational Safety & Health Policy


General Policy Statement

Kakuzi Plc Management is committed to ensuring the safety, health and welfare of its employees in as far as is reasonably practicable, and in accordance with the law.  Further, Kakuzi Plc Management will:

  • Ensure the safety and health of visitors to its premises, contractors, service providers, its neighbours and any other persons whose safety and health may be affected by its activities.
  • Implement measures to protect the natural environment in and around its areas of operations.

This policy takes Kenya legislation as the minimum standard acceptable.  However, where this legislation is unclear, lacking in details or not available, guidance as to best practice has been taken from appropriate international Legislation.

The elements of our Safety and Health Program includes but is not limited to;

  • Management committment 
  • Occupational Safety and Health policy
  • Joint Occupational Safety and Health Committees
  • Joint workplace inspections
  • Occupational Safety and Health training
  • Plant and equipment inspections
  • Joint workplace risk assessment

In implementing this policy:

  • Each employee is given such information, instruction and training as is necessary to enable the safe performance of work activities;
  • Management ensures that all processes and systems of work are designed to take account of safety and health, and are properly supervised;
  • Adequate facilities and arrangements are maintained to enable employees and their representatives to raise issues on safety and health; see Whistleblowing Policy
  • Competent personnel have been appointed to assist with meeting Kakuzi Plc Management’s statutory duties as defined in the OSHA 2007.

For the success of this policy, all employees are encouraged to be totally committed and co-operative towards its implementation.

This policy will be regularly monitored to ensure its objectives are achieved.  Changes may be effected to conform to new operational or legal requirements.


Top Management

  • The Kakuzi Management has the overall authority for the implimentation of this Safety and Health policy.
  • The management ensures that the Company’s Safety and Health Policy is developed, communicated, understood, accepted and implemented by the management and employees at all levels.
  • Ensures resources necessary for developing and implementing programmes on promotion of safety and health awareness in the Company are budgeted and provided.
  • Represents the interests of the Company on issues relating to safety and health at policy level.
  • Co-ordinates the safety and health policy with the management and through the safety and health Manager.
  • Ensures accident reporting channels are developed and communicated to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensures that all the provisions of the OSHA 2007 act are adhered to and implimented

Farm Manager

Shall be responsible for:

  • Ensuring regular safety and health in the workplaces.
  • Ensuring the Company’s safety and health Policy is understood and implemented.
  • Ensuring that the employees concerns on safety and health are given due attention.
  • Every person employed having the education, qualifications and training necessary to enable him/her to perform the work he/she is assigned to do safely, effectively, efficiently and with confidence.
  • Every employee has undergone all the necessary medical examinations and tests.
  • Ensuring all accidents and incidences are reported in a timely manner to the administration department.


Shall ensure that:

  • safety and health policies and codes of practice are brought to the notice of the employees and are implemented.
  • Safety and Health training and information are availed to the employees.
  • Safe work procedures are adhered to
  • All accidents and incidences are reported in a timely manner to management.


Every employee adheres to the laid down Farm procedures and practices and is responsible for:

  • Using correctly and not wilfully interfering with, or recklessly misusing any tools, appliances, conveniences, or other facilities provided in pursuance of health, safety and welfare at work.
  • Ensuring that he/she does not wilfully endanger his/her life or that of any other person, or the environment by his or her irresponsible action.
  • Ensuring all accidents and incidences are reported in a timely manner to the supervisor or management.
  • Adhering to the Safety and Health provisions as per the OSHA 2007.

safety and health Committees

safety and health committees monitor and implement company safety and health procedures and practices in addition to performing functions in compliance with the law and the Safety and Health Committee rules 2004.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Kakuzi Plc Management respects the hierarchy of hazards control and provides appropriate PPE to employees as per the outcome of the joint Occupational Safety and Health risk assessment.  Information and training on the importance, proper use and maintenance of the PPE is given.  The use of PPE while at work is mandatory to all employees to whom it is issued.

Safe working Practices and Provisions

Training and Information

All employees are given relevant safety and health training and information to enable them to work without any risk to their own safety and health, or to their co-workers.


Divisional General Managers and Unit Managers shall ensure that contractors conform to Kakuzi Plc safety and health policies in order to minimize any risks presented to employees or other persons while working in Kakuzi Plc premises.


All visitors to company workplaces are made aware of safety and health procedures and practices.  The management has the responsibility to ensure that visitors, who enter their areas of authority, conform to the company’s safety and health procedures and practices.


Kakuzi Plc Management ensures that machinery, tools, equipment, chemicals and personal protective equipment procured for use in its workplaces comply with government legislation and will are supplied with the necessary information to use/operate and or maintain them without risk to the employees’ safety and health.

Monitoring and Review of Policy

Implementation of safety and health policies and the policies themselves shall be monitored and reviewed from time to time and appropriate changes made.

Revision Date: November 2020 || Approved by MD || Revision No. 00/2020